Buddhism And Anti-Racism in Sri Lanka

Has Lord Buddha or Buddhism ever supported ‘Racism’? Simple answer, NO.

Recently in Sri Lanka there were so many stories about violence against the Muslims. And Facebook pages were filled with lot of hate speeches. I guess people who involved in those acts did what they did believing they are protecting Buddhism from some kind of an evil threat. This Note is about to say that their acts are inappropriate for Buddhism and to propose a alternative solution.

Even if it is not a goal of Buddhism every general Buddhist (including myself) like to see the continuous existence of Buddhism and its followers,The Buddhists. Likewise people who belongs to other religions has the right to bear the same idea,and there is nothing wrong with that. I do not believe the existence of an one religion would be a threat to the existence of another religion if its followers are wise enough to understand it is not.
If any Buddhist think that Buddhism is under a threat there is a good 5-steps solution than being offensive.
Be religious
Get a good education so that you could find a good job to provide for a family
Get a wife who follows the same religion so there will not be any clash when deciding the religion of the children
Make sure your children are religious as you
Make sure to give them a good education as you

Envy the Successful and try to destroy them is not our way. Being successful is enough.

If everyone of us follow this what a beautiful Sri Lanka there would be…



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